Chasing Chickens

“This morning we went to another village delivering 16 food packages to 16 families who live in very tough and difficult conditions here in Ukraine. As we approached the second house of the 16 houses, suddenly a woman came running out chasing some chicken babies, ignoring us even though we were right in front of […]


As we bounced our way down the dirt road leading to a remote home in the small village outside of Tatarbunary, Ukraine, we weren’t sure what we would find. An official in the local social office told us about a woman living at the end of the road who was in desperate need of food.  […]

Life in Quarantine

Life in quarantine has been much busier for our ministry than we were before the quarantine began. Almost every week, I’ve been asked to preach virtually for some ministry or church, including the live Easter message for a church in Turku, Finland, as well as a live Sunday message for a leading church in Switzerland.  […]

HE will do it for YOU

For the past 3.5 years we have been on the mission field in the most expensive city that lies in the middle of the most expensive country in the world.  Now, that seems not only not smart but actually very stupid when you rely on financial support from the outside and mostly from people in […]