Unity in Light Interview | Pastor Viktor Sabo | Serbia

We are excited to introduce to you the first leader and ministry for our Unity in Light initiative, Pastor Victor Sabo with Christ Evangelical Church. Please watch this short video and be encouraged about what God is doing in Serbia. If you would like to contact Pastor Viktor to encourage him or find out how […]

Live from Gruyère, Switzerland | NEW INITIATIVE

Here at the foot of this mountain range in Gruyère, Switzerland the vision for Ignite Europe was born… Today we are introducing a new initiative: Unity in Light. This initiative serves as a precursor for Worship on the Mountain. Mandate: Ignite Europe was birthed out of a mandate from God and three core words: Unity, Passion, […]

A Snippet From Shawn’s Diary

I preached the Sunday Morning service at Good News Church in Riga, Latvia. The message title was “Broken to Be Used”. Good News Church is one of the largest Protestant churches in the Baltics and is a thriving church under the leadership of Pastor Andrey Chebotarev. The church was founded by Rick Renner. http://goodnews.lv At the beginning of the […]

In Darkness and in Silence

This past Sunday Shawn was honored to speak at PowerHouse Church in Zurich, Switzerland. And his wife, Tanja, had her debut as his translator. “God creates His biggest masterpieces in silence and in darkness. In the darkness he created the world. In the darkness of the womb he creates every human being, including Jesus himself. In the […]

A Snippet From Shawn’s Diary

May 26th – Plovdiv, Bulgaria – I was invited to the Southeastern European Prayer Breakfast of the Balkans. Around a hundred political, business and religious leaders gathered at this private meeting to lift up the name of Jesus including the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Deputy Speaker of the House of Serbia, a couple US […]

A Snippet From Shawn’s Diary

May 20th – Lapponja, Finland – I was asked to speak at a church leadership conference. After the message, Vera, a college girl, came to me with tears in her eyes. She said that when she was leaving her house to attend the conference, her friend asked if she could join. Vera’s friend was an […]