In May of 2012, Shawn and Tanja took a vacation that changed their lives.

They visited Tanja’s hometown in Switzerland, and while sitting on a patio in the Alps on the final day, the Holy Spirit told Tanja there would one day be a large worship gathering on those very mountains.

This stirred excitement in her heart, where a passion for Jesus and seeing the people of Europe saved already dwelt.

Four months later, the Lord nudged them again. During a time of corporate worship, Shawn heard an audible voice say to him, “Ignite Europe.”

These two words from the Lord became a private prayer for Shawn and Tanja. They began praying for God to ignite Europe with a passion for worship, create unity in local churches, spread the Good News of Jesus across Europe, and fill believers with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

They also felt led to start a European ministry and asked the Lord to miraculously open a door if this was what he had for them.

Without anyone else knowing of their experience and prayers, a door opened just a few short weeks later. Shawn and Tanja received an invitation to speak in Switzerland. For months, they planned and prepared for their first citywide evangelistic event. And in 2013, just one year after their vacation, Ignite Europe was born.

Shawn and Tanja moved their family and Ignite Europe’s base of operations to Switzerland in December 2016. The ministry continues to grow and share the love of Jesus with the people of Europe.

God put a fire in our hearts for Him, and we’re seeing that same fire ignite in the hearts of the people of Europe.

With unity in the Church and passion in the hearts of believers, we believe people—across the continent and beyond—will find hope in Jesus for this life and salvation in Him for eternity.

Ignite Europe was founded in 2012 by Shawn and Tanja Brann.

Guiding scriptures: John 17:20–23, John 4:23, Psalm 150, Romans 15:13, Hebrews 10:23, Romans 5:1–11