A Night of Worship and Hope

War. Shock. Uncertainty. Unrest. Questions.

Life is hard right now. A storm is raging that is hard to even comprehend. Day in and day out we are faced with personal experiences that a year ago would have been beyond our comprehension. Our eyes and minds are inundated with videos and images; the reality of what’s happening in Ukraine and the impact the war has on all of us. 

The only way we will be able to cope, grief and heal is to focus our eyes, minds and hearts on the one true hope. The one who came to bring life and life abundantly. The one whose very essence is love. The way, the truth, and the life. His name is Jesus. 

Our desire is to create a place, in a world that seems to be an utterly void space, where we can come together, fellowship, speak hope, and most of all a safe space where we can have an encounter with God. A place where we can come to, stoop and take in the WONDER of God. Because he is still sovereign. He is still the very essence of LOVE. We will be covered full of WOW, in wonder of who he is and the realization that he cares for us and loves us beyond our understanding despite the circumstances we find ourselves in. 

Come join us tonight and be in WONDER. 


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Zürichstrasse 15, 8607 Seegräben


Every Friday Night


18:00 Doors Open

19:00 Worship

SHED15 events&more
Zürichstrasse 15
8607 Aathal-Seegräben

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When we lose our sense of wonder, what we really lose is our soul. Our lack of wonder is really a lack of love.” 
– Mark Batterson

More about the name WONDER

Around every turn of the road of life, don’t be too much in a hurry to stop and take in the wonder of God. I hope that all our conversations we have regarding Jesus, His word, and our testimonies are covered full of WOW!”