Francois Guernier


Francois is the Senior Pastor of Connect Annecy, a non-denominational church in the heart of beautiful Annecy, France. He also owns Resound Web Media, a company that serves clients in France and Switzerland with exquisite graphic design, print, and web development.

Francois and his wife, Geraldine, live in Annecy and are the proud parents of three beautiful children. You can connect with Francois at or

Micah Conger

Graphic Design

Micah loves seeing the overflow of God’s presence touching the lives of those around her in simple, yet powerful ways. She has more than a decade of experience as a graphic designer and is thankful to have a skill that can serve the kingdom of God in a practical way. Micah and her husband, Adrian, live in Texas with their son, Caden. You can connect with her at

Allison Griffin


Allison loves Jesus and words. She’s employed both of those loves on a daily basis for nearly 15 years as she’s worked as a copywriter and copy editor for churches, agencies, technology companies, and as a freelancer. She is also passionate about good stories and good food, both of which she believes point people to the Lord.

Allison lives in Texas with her husband, two young kids, needy dog, and lazy cat. You can get in touch with her at