Betsy DeMik

PR Specialist

Betsy creates influential content for a variety of audiences. She helps organizations bolster brand awareness, boost engagement, and improve their their reach and reputation. 
For more than a decade, Betsy has led PR efforts for a range of organizations, including Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits, and digital marketing firms. 
Betsy lives in Texas with her corgi mix and sassy tabby cat. You can reach her at or

Micah Conger

Art Director

Micah loves seeing the overflow of God’s presence touching the lives of those around her in simple, yet powerful ways. She has more than a decade of experience as a graphic designer and is thankful to have a skill that can serve the kingdom of God in a practical way. Micah and her husband, Adrian, live in Texas with their son, Caden. You can connect with her at

Allison Griffin


Allison loves Jesus and words. She’s employed both of those loves on a daily basis for nearly 15 years as she’s worked as a copywriter and copy editor for churches, agencies, technology companies, and as a freelancer. She is also passionate about good stories and good food, both of which she believes point people to the Lord.

Allison lives in Texas with her husband, two young kids, needy dog, and lazy cat. You can get in touch with her at

Janele Vogt

Executive Assistant

Janele is originally from Washington State.  After playing volleyball for the University of Montana and graduating with a major in Business Communication, she began working as a model for three years in New York City and California. She gained experience working on both the production & fashion sides of the industry. In 2017 she moved to Switzerland where she spent a year as a nanny for a family in Lugano. During that time, she took a train one weekend to attend an event in Zurich and by the Grace of God she met the host, Tanja Brann. Moving back to the states, Janele worked for 3 years as a Digital Marketing Specialist in the Real Estate Industry. She is passionate about sharing the gospel, encouraging young women in their faith, being in nature, playing volleyball and spending time with her family.