Micah’s perfect day is spent in close communion with the Holy Spirit, who inspires her heart to believe with childlike faith in the perfect love that casts out all fear. She loves seeing the overflow of His presence touching the lives of those around her in simple, yet powerful ways.

Micah has more than a decade of experience as a graphic designer and is thankful to have a skill that can serve the kingdom of God in a practical way. She is also an aspiring novelist and natural-living enthusiast.

Micah and her husband, Adrian, live in Texas with their son, Caden. You can connect with her at



Allison loves Jesus and words. She’s employed both of those loves on a daily basis for nearly 15 years as she’s worked as a copywriter and copy editor for churches, agencies, technology companies, and as a freelancer. She is also passionate about good stories and good food, both of which she believes point people to the Lord.

Allison lives in Texas with her husband, two young kids, needy dog, and lazy cat. You can get in touch with her at



Francois is the Senior Pastor of Connect Annecy, a non-denominational church in the heart of beautiful Annecy, France. He also owns Resound Web Media, a company that serves clients in France and Switzerland with exquisite graphic design, print, and web development.

Francois and his wife, Geraldine, live in Annecy and are the proud parents of two beautiful children. You can connect with Francois at or

Silvia Kiss

Project Manager for One Hope Odessa & Wonder

When Silvia is at a worship event, she doesn’t see a crowd; She sees individual faces—people who are coming with the desire meeting with God. Her passion and calling are to create events where these individuals can taste the atmosphere of heaven through worshipping God.

She worked for nine years as a project manager for Ez az a nap (This Is the Day), an annual worship gathering in Budapest, Hungary. In those years, she managed 40 events featuring well-known worship bands in clubs, arenas, and large worship tours and festivals that reached more than 150,000 people.

She’s excited and honored to be working with Ignite Europe to bring people together all across Europe in the name of the only One who able to change our lives here on Earth and give us eternal life.

Silvia is native Hungarian and lives in Switzerland with her husband. She believes Christians have a big responsibility to be good examples in various areas of our lives, including environmental thinking, making less waste, caring for our bodies, and taking care of nature.



Coming Soon



Jon and Kristen are excited to further the kingdom by getting the Word to the masses through digital means. Jon’s experience in the digital world spans over a decade, which inspired him to start his own agency. Kristen came on board so they could live out their dream of working together from anywhere in the world.

They’ve been married for two years, but haven’t been able to leave each other alone for eight. Their dogs, Cash (Pomeranian) and Zooey (border collie), make them laugh and keep them busy. Jon and Kristen love reading the Bible together out loud, while they marvel at how amazing and bold Jesus is. His boldness inspires them to step out in faith together with the same intensity and joy in their hearts.

Jon and Kristen are open and excited to see how the Lord uses them next. You can get in touch with them at