33,000 people attempt suicide in Switzerland each year. That’s an indication of the dark mental space many of our own neighbors are living in. We believe that through a simple act of kindness and a smart follow up strategy, we will see this number decrease.

One of the key projects of Ignite Europe is a community outreach program called The Seed Project, designed to bring hope to our neighbors who may be in a dark place by giving every home a nice flower, potted in a porcelain vase.

Since we know the value that many Swiss place on flowers and how they brighten someone’s day, we decided to share hope by giving every home in the small town of Seegräben a nice flower, potted in a porcelain vase. After giving all 200+ homes a flower, we were amazed at the response. One simple flower can light up a person’s day who may be in a dark place and bring hope to a home that desperately needs it.

In the course of our work on this project, we’ve had conversations with parents whose child was in the hospital fighting for her life, and they really needed to know they aren’t alone in this world. We sat with elderly who thought they were forgotten, and we listened to their stories. We had conversations with students who were so engulfed and overwhelmed by their studies and success-driven mindsets they couldn’t see the purpose of their lives anymore. In each of these cases, the flower brought hope and a ray of light into their seemingly dark lives.

That flower on a porch or a windowsill and the message of God’s love, which comes without any strings attached, serves as a constant reminder—each person has a purpose in life that is worth living for. We believe as we continue this project, we will see a beautiful light of hope and purpose ignited throughout our country and beyond.

We have distributed flowers to all 200+ homes in Seegräben and are
now taking flowers to the 24,000+ homes in Wetzikon.

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