What is evangelism?

Many people, even within the church, cringe at the word evangelism. Maybe it’s because the word conjures uncomfortable images of odd televangelists from TV, memories of angry street preachers, or simply feelings of inadequacy at the thought of sharing the good news of Jesus with strangers or even friends.

It’s time to reclaim the word and put it to use for its intended purpose. Because as believers, we have work to do. And we can’t do it effectively without a true understanding of what evangelism really is and how to use it.

Paul tells us that God gave the evangelist to the church “to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:11–12).

Evangelism is not just for ministries like Ignite Europe, but for every single believer. We believe that churches and church members with a biblical, healthy, and practical understanding of evangelism can save entire cities.


Ignite Europe Evangelism Workshops

We’ve specifically designed our one-day Evangelism Workshops to equip those within the church (that’s you!) to bring the good news of Jesus to individuals and cities all across Europe.

You’ll be trained by dynamic speakers from churches and organizations with extensive experience in effectively leading others to Christ. Throughout the course of the workshop sessions, we’ll cover topics including:What does the Bible say about evangelism?

-What is the gospel of Jesus?
-Is everyone a missionary?
-What does “preach the gospel” mean?
-How to lead someone to Christ
-How to heal the sick
-How to effectively communicate the gospel
-What’s the importance of evangelism?
-Much more!

Would you like to bring an Ignite Europe Evangelism Workshop to your church or town? 

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