we are ONE | Cherish Conference UK

I just wanted to give a quick update on my trip to Leeds, UK where I had the privilege to be part of the Cherish Women’s Conference by LIFE Church UK. It was a GREAT conference! To see 7000 European women gather jn one place and worship wholeheartedly in spirit and in truth was wonderful!
Growing up in Europe I would have never thought I would get to see a whole arena filled with women worshipping God as loudly and heart-abandoned as these women did. The excuse that fully expressed and passionate worship is just not part of the cultural DNA of Europe is officially dying. The church is alive and taking a stand again after hundreds of years of silence.
Steve and Charlotte Gambill, pastors of LIFE Church UK, are conquering new territory and are making a huge mark for Jesus on this continent. Wow!

A huge shout out to Esther for meeting me in London to join me at the conference. The experience wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you. Thank you for joining me!