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Angelina: Fed, Healed, and Saved

While evangelizing on the streets of Odessa, Ukraine, my team and I met Angelina, a woman whose angelic name should have indicated her destiny, but she was caught in the snares of the Enemy. Angelina approached our tent and asked if we could spare any food. She hadn’t eaten in three days. I gave her […]

The Seed Project—Distribution Weekend Recap

We started The Seed Project last year. This initiative was born out of a desire to share the gospel with every person in our hometown.  In addition to the larger scale evangelism we do, like speaking at conferences or churches and hosting massive, city-wide events and outreaches, we had a burden to make a personal […]

A Snippet From Shawn’s Diary

May 20th – Lapponja, Finland – I was asked to speak at a church leadership conference. After the message, Vera, a college girl, came to me with tears in her eyes. She said that when she was leaving her house to attend the conference, her friend asked if she could join. Vera’s friend was an […]