Angelina: Fed, Healed, and Saved

While evangelizing on the streets of Odessa, Ukraine, my team and I met Angelina, a woman whose angelic name should have indicated her destiny, but she was caught in the snares of the Enemy.

Angelina approached our tent and asked if we could spare any food. She hadn’t eaten in three days. I gave her some food, and she told me her story. She’s homeless, HIV positive, and has lost everyone and everything she ever had due to alcohol addiction. Her life story painted a vivid picture of how the devil destroys lives and destinies through wrong decisions and addictions. 

She told me she’d been living in the excruciating pain for weeks, so we prayed for her. Her pain was gone immediately! Jesus made Himself known to Angelina by healing her body, and she invited Jesus in to her heart.

It was new birthday for Angelina, and we believe God’s plan will be embodied in her life. We helped her get set up in a rehab center where she’s now getting help with her addiction. 

We meet people like Angelina all the time. People in bad circumstances who need help. People who’ve never heard the gospel and don’t know Jesus. With your support, we can reach more souls and equip more teams to be out there weekly as our team is! 


–Yan Hrosu