155 People Give Their Lives to Jesus in Krivoy Rog

Krivoy Rog, a city in east Ukraine, is the longest city in Europe, at just over 120 km. It’s spread out and broken into many different zones. In Soviet times, this city was the outpost of the steel, metal, and mining industries. Most of the city was built by prisoners. Seventy percent of those prisoners remained in the area when the work was complete. I have never seen so many police officers patrolling the streets of a city, so you can imagine the atmosphere.

We were in this city last year for evangelism training, and while visiting this year, we heard good testimonies from people who are still on fire for reaching souls for the kingdom. This year, more than 40 young people went through our four-day evangelism training, and for most of them this was their first experience in practical evangelism and soul winning. 

We conducted four outreaches in four different parts of the city. More than 500 people heard the gospel, and 155 people accepted Jesus as Lord. We gathered contact information from most of those new converts and connected them with local churches. 

The weather did not want to cooperate during our four days in the city. Almost every night when we had scheduled outreaches, we had to pray for good weather and to stall the looming, dark rain clouds. Every single night, the rain held off, and as soon as we finished the outreach it began to pour. God is good all the time! 

It was truly a victorious trip. Thank you for supporting us and sending us to the lost! 


–Yan Hrosu