Hope for the Hopeless

“This morning Yan Hrosu and I were asked to visit a specific lady by the name Marina. She’s been living alone most of her life, when Marina was a small child, I’m not sure what exactly happed but most likely due to alcohol abuse and some other demonic strongholds, her mother threw her under a passing train. Marina survived, but lost both of her legs. She has no family, no kids and no one to stand with her. We were told that she will probably be pretty rough with us and that she has a hardened heart and doesn’t really want to communicate with anybody and definitely doesn’t allow people to come close to her. Despite all of that we went to visit her this morning and to our big surprise we found a very tender-hearted, kind and open-hearted women. She tried to be as hospitable as she could using her hands to move around her old and very small apartment. After sharing the gospel with her and answering questions that Marina had for years, I had the privilege to lead her to Jesus! Glory to our God! She told us that she felt such a peace and inner healing from all the pain and hurt she had carried for the last 42 years. There is nothing impossible for our God!”


This is why we do what we do – the ONE. It’s the one person at a time that matters. It’s the one lost sheep that the shepherd goes after, leaving the other 99 behind.

We want to invite you to partner with us to see the masses saved by reaching one person at a time through the Good News of Jesus. No amount is too small to make a difference in a persons life by putting food on their table and sharing the hope of Jesus for today and throughout all eternity.

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