Life in Quarantine

Life in quarantine has been much busier for our ministry than we were before the quarantine began. Almost every week, I’ve been asked to preach virtually for some ministry or church, including the live Easter message for a church in Turku, Finland, as well as a live Sunday message for a leading church in Switzerland. 

We’ve been on Zoom calls daily: one-on-one with pastors in Russia, small groups with pastors in different regions in Europe, outreaches where I’ve shared the gospel to the lost, and calls with more than 80 European leaders hosted by a ministry in Scotland. Many times, we are encouraging one another or brainstorming creative ways to share the gospel. 

The Seed Project is shining during this time. Since people aren’t encouraged to talk with others, leaving a flower on someone’s doorstep that shares the gospel has been an incredibly effective evangelistic tool. Some churches in Switzerland used The Seed Project as their Easter outreach. When we started The Seed Project two years ago, we had no idea there would be a season coming where no one would be able to speak to their neighbors and that a tool like this one would be one of the only methods of evangelism in the whole country. Let me encourage you with this: Whatever God is speaking to your heart to do, do it. It will make sense sometime in the future.

We also have begun to assemble a think tank of leaders. The purpose of this think tank is to evaluate Ignite Europe and how we can more effectively deliver the gospel through innovative platforms. In the Winter of 2019, God spoke to our hearts that He was about to “pour new wine into new wineskins” and that “there would soon be new models and platforms” available to share the gospel. During this time of quarantine, the Church has clearly seen that there is something new coming. The message is the same, but the delivery methods will be new. We want to be on the cutting edge of what that may be and can’t wait to share with you all that God is speaking to us about! These are great days in Church history. 

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