It’s out!!!

We are extremely excited that Shawn Brann’s book Go & Tell is out now and available to purchase anywhere you can buy books – Amazon, Bookdepository, Walmart, Target, Barnes and Nobles etc.


This is your moment to run

Before Jesus ascended, He commanded the disciples and every believer who would follow to Go & Tell others the Good News. He handed the Gospel Baton to his disciples, and it’s been handed down ever since, century by century, to this very day. It’s a simple message with a simple command. So, why do we struggle with excuses for not sharing? ? I can’t do that, I’m not a pastor! ? I don’t want to offend anyone. … It makes me uncomfortable. ? I don’t know what to say. ? What if they laugh at me? ? What if I get it wrong? And the list goes on and on and on. In GO & TELL, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT TO RUN, you’ll read inspiring stories of believers throughout the centuries who ran the race set before them, made massive strides for the advancement of the gospel, and handed the Gospel Baton to the next generation even stronger than when they received it. Each chapter presents stories from history, practical applications for overcoming our excuses, real-life examples of how to Go & Tell in our own cosmoses, and encouragement to reach as many people as we can before Jesus returns.  The Gospel Baton has faithfully passed down through the centuries. Now it is in your hands. This is your moment to run!

Go & Tell Companion Workbook

A companion to Go & Tell, this interactive workbook is designed to initiate and facilitate discussion and practical application through thought provoking questions, videos, and bonus material, making it a valuable resource for churches, small groups, youth groups, or even individuals.

*The companion workbook to Go & Tell will be available mid March.

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