Help us Help Ukraine


We are in the process of helping families, friends, pastors, and ministry partners evacuate the country and provide food, clothes and places to stay. We would love your help.

  1. Financial Partnership – Your financial partnership is invaluable as it enables us to provide the Ukrainian refugees with food, water and medical supplies, warm places to stay and ultimately hope.

–> to designate your funds to Ukraine simply select ‘Help Ukraine’ in the Campaign drop down.

*All of the funds donated to Ignite Europe designated to ‘Help Ukraine’ will be used for immediate needs of Ukrainian refugees and those that couldn’t leave their city or town due to various reasons. If we are unable to help immediately due to frozen bank accounts, cancelled flights, etc. the money will be properly distributed to humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

2. Hands on

We are currently working on a strategy on bringing hands on humanitarian relief to the refugees. If you are interested to join our team and bring relief to the border of Ukraine please send us a message via our contact form


Here are some screenshots of messages from several of our ministry partners from the last week.

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