Families Reunited

“The last 6 days, I’ve seen so many people in despair and confusion, that if I summed up all our years in ministry it would still exceed and overwhelm. As you know we are here in Moldova organizing aid and ministry to refugees from Ukraine, they’ve been coming by the hundreds every day. So we have organized a temporary place in the church building where people can sleep, get food and of course spiritual help. We’ve had people of different nationalities going through our headquarters. Emotionally it’s very hard to see and hear all the pain, suffering and lostness of people from Ukraine.

These two brothers with their families were separated during the escape chaos and neither knew where the other was. It was so overwhelming to see how they met again in our headquarters, I couldn’t hold my tears, it’s something powerful when two grown men cry out loud of joy because they got reunited again. I see so much kindness, love and solidarity these days which I have not seen in such quantity ever in my life.” – Karen Zelfimyan

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