Worship, fellowship & new life for refugees in Zurich

What a week it has been! We are blown away to see what The Lord is doing right here in Zurich as we continue to welcome thousands pouring in from Ukraine.

We are hosting small worship gatherings in Zurich for refugees to hear worship in Russian and have a meal together in community. It has been an incredibly powerful experience for us to come together and sing praises while also being in fellowship. We are blown away to see what The Lord is doing right here in Zurich in our midst.

New life is being born, not only spiritually but physically. At 9 AM yesterday morning, one of the refugee girls staying with us went into labor. Last night, Sasha welcomed Leon into the world and we were all able to be there right by her side. Welcome to the world, Baby Leon.

Your support and prayers are making an incredible impact both to the refugees and the civilians still back in Ukraine. When you give you directly impact lives. Wether it be a newborn baby needing medical supplies to survive or food on the trucks we are sending into Ukraine; you are making a difference of life for those where the need is very great. Our truck that arrived in Odessa this last week was intended to feed 500 people. Our dear friend who is the Pastor at the church it arrived at reported back to us that it was able to feed thousands. This is a miracle! You can read about it here in our most recent blog post: A victory in Odessa as semi-truck arrives with urgent supplies.

We are so grateful and continue to be blown away by your generosity and willingness to share with whoever you can what we are seeking to accomplish here at Ignite Europe. Thank you so much for your support of our efforts to help in the best ways we can. Please continue to pray and share this with your friends, family, and any social media outlets you know are looking for ways to contribute towards the needs of both civilians and refugees.

To Donate towards our efforts with Ignite Europe you can give here: https://igniteeurope.com/give/.

Ignite Europe is a 501c3 and all US donations are tax deductible.


Refugees leaving the country and searching for housing and essentials

Protection and Provision for civilians who are both fleeing and staying in Ukraine

Conviction of Russian Leadership

Resolve and Unity Among Nations to Support Those in Conflict

Mobilization of the Global Church to Pray, Give, and Advocate

-Ignite Europe

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