A victory in Odessa as semi-truck arrives with urgent supplies

It’s amazing what the Lord has been doing; He is the God of constant provision. We have incredible news about our truck arriving in Odessa today! It arrived at the last minute, as our friend and Pastor Valentin was out of food while hundreds of people were in need and depending on him for necessities.

The fact that we have a corridor into Ukraine to the Odessa region is a huge victory for us. This paves the way for more supplies to continue being transported to the people where the need is very great.

Here is what Pastor Valentin shared today in resonse to the semi truck arriving with essentials:

“Powerful missiles attack 5 miles from here. We heard explosions when we were at the church. Received a semi-truck full of food, children nutrition, diapers, medication. A lot of stuff! Thank you my great friend for many years Pastor Shawn Brann and Tanja Brann (Ignite Europe) for making it possible for us. Such a huge blessing! So many people will be reached with the gospel through this. Today we were working on setting up pharmacy department in the church as well as sorting everything and putting it in order. Yesterday we had over 500 people come and received food! Wow. Our team hardly managed this. Praying, believing in our victory, serving others! Thank you all for being a part of this.”

This victory in Odessa today, would not be possible without your donations and gifts. We are so grateful. Thank you so much for your support of Ignite Europe and our efforts to help in the best ways we can. The truck was full of supplies that were the answer to prayers and results of giving and sacrifices from so many of you. Please continue to pray and share this with your friends, family, and any social media outlets you know are looking for ways to contribute towards the needs of both civilians and refugees.

To Donate towards this effort you can give here: https://igniteeurope.com/give/.

Ignite Europe is a 501c3 and all US donations are tax deductible.


Protection and Provision for civilians who are both fleeing and staying in Ukraine

Conviction of Russian Leadership

Resolve and Unity Among Nations to Support Those in Conflict

Mobilization of the Global Church to Pray, Give, and Advocate

-Ignite Europe

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