Team arrives in Odessa

Our team arrived today in the city Odessa!! They spent the last few days driving the vans full of supplies and food into Ukraine. The Lord made a way for them to get through checkpoints and across the border safely. We are so glad to see them reunite with Pastor Vitaly! The goods are unloaded and will be given out to thousands in need. Our guys are thoroughly enjoying being able to give a hug to Pastor Vitaly and spend time with him as he has been separated from his wife and kids. He has stayed behind to lead and provide for his church and town. It’s a blessing that we are able to send provision inside Ukraine. If you’d like to partner with us:

Here’s the message our guys sent us as they left Odessa this morning heading back to Switzerland: “Goodbye Odessa! We unloaded ours and another truck from Moldovan friends. We met them at the border and realized that we were going to the same location in Odessa – the PRAISE church! We had a meal in one of the shelter of the church with all the volunteers, walked around the city, which was amazing to see a glimpse of what Odessa has to offer, but weird at the same time, because you can‘t see much life in it and the whole area close to the port is blocked. So grateful that the road was finally clear!! We are now on our way back to the border in Palanca.”

Thank you so much for your prayers and generosity that made this truck full of provision possible! Your donations go directly to relief efforts inside Ukraine, at the border and in Switzerland as we help thousands of refugees. Please continue to pray and support through giving, praying or sharing theses stories! We are believing for continued breakthrough of hope and peace. 

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