In Darkness and in Silence

This past Sunday Shawn was honored to speak at PowerHouse Church in Zurich, Switzerland. And his wife, Tanja, had her debut as his translator.

“God creates His biggest masterpieces in silence and in darkness. In the darkness he created the world. In the darkness of the womb he creates every human being, including Jesus himself. In the darkness he died on the cross to save the world. God was silent for 400 years between the last time he spoke in the Old Testament until Jesus was born.

When God created the world he spoke it into existence. He spoke light into existence, animals into existence, plants and trees into existence. But when it came to make man he was silent. He created man by molding dirt with his hands and gave it life with his breath, all that in silence.

If you find yourself in a time of brokenness and you are not sure why. Remain in the hands of God. Be still and wait because God is chiseling a masterpiece out of your life in order to use you for greatness.” – Shawn Brann