Ignite Europe | Unity in Light Interview with Pastor Dmitry Bodyu | Ukraine

We are honored to introduce to you Pastor Dmitry Bodyu . He is making a difference in the Ukraine both in the church world as well as in the business world. Pastor Dmitry and his wife, Helen, pastor, have planted and oversee several churches across Ukraine with the main one located in Melitopol. They are also owners of several businesses. If you would like to contact Pastor Dmitry and Helen to encourage them or find out how you can get connected, please visit www.wol.com.ua.

We would love for you to share this post to give Pastor Dmitry and Helen and their church some exposure. We may never know who will watch this video in their time of need. We may never know who will see this and step into a church for the very first time. We may never know the person who sees this, feels love, and gives life another chance by holding on to hope. But what we do know is, that God is sovereign and he uses our structures to breath into, to make dead things alive and to bring life more abundantly to anyone who reaches out to Him.