Unity in Light Interview | Pastor Ivan Borichevskiy | Russia

The Russian church movement (https://hve.ru) that we ministered at has planted over 3,600 churches since the iron curtain fell in 1991. One lead pastor named Ivan is the second person in charge leading this movement. In 1992 pastor Ivan lived in his car and would open-air preach in the central square in Moscow and crowds of 1,000 people would come, listen and many would respond to the gospel message!
They planted 1,800 churches in the last 5 years and plan to have 10,000 churches established by the end of 2020. Almost all of these are from brand new converts! Praise Jesus!
These Russian believers are so on fire and risk going to jail for preaching the gospel outside of a church. It was such an honor to see Ivan again and encourage one another in Christ!

Will you please pray for Ivan, his family and his staff. They are in need of God’s divine protection, encouragement, and provision. Also, if you want to learn more about Ivan’s ministry and/or join in his work please email him at mail@hve.ru.

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