5 Day Challenges Testimony

“Wow, thank you for setting this up! I have been so deeply encouraged and felt very much a part of this family as I wait for the quarantine to end! I sensed such a love and community spirit and was really touched by all the speakers and have been refreshed and boosted to stay the course and to get excited for the things to come after this time!” —Joanne

Like almost every business and ministry in the world, quarantine has forced us to reinvent the way we operate. For Ignite Europe, that means reimagining how we can deliver the gospel and encourage the Church. In April, we partnered with two friends to host a five-day video challenge to encourage and equip believers here in Europe. We had no idea the challenge would be so well received. More than 4,000 people signed up from more than 80 countries. Each day’s 45-minute Facebook challenge and interview stream was watched live by at least 450 people, with a few thousand more watching the recorded videos hours later. TBN Russia is broadcasting the challenge to its viewing audience in May with our interviews dubbed over in Russian. Testimonies like Joanne’s have been coming in ever since. You can re-watch these challenges and find out the details of our next challenge at 5daychallenges.com.

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