Impacting our Sphere of Influence

I’m always amazed how God directs our steps. Just before the outbreak of COVID-19 last year, I was in Russia helping the European Executive staff of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) launch a sports chaplaincy program for the Saint Petersburg Zenith Football Club. This is one of the leading soccer franchises in the professional league of Russia. Due to the quarantine restrictions, FCA has been doing all their executive staff meetings online. 

Last month, they asked me to teach the European FCA staff chapel service over Zoom to their executive staff of more than 30 leaders. Immediately after our call, one of the leaders reached out to me asking for my assistance. He has been trying to set up a chaplaincy program for the professional soccer club in one of the prominent European cities that cannot be disclosed just yet. It’s been an exciting time helping him lay the foundation of what appears to be another avenue for us to proclaim the redeeming power of Christ in Europe. Had it not been for the current quarantine situation, this opportunity probably would never have happened. God’s ways are always better than ours.

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