Stocking up and sending to Ukraine

Please give here: Our next load heads out Sunday!

What a day! We are preparing two more vehicles to make their way into Ukraine. We just took inventory of all the donations that came in from the neighborhood and loaded up the trucks below.

Now we are preparing the paperwork for the border checkpoints. Our 4 wonderful men are driving this box truck, joined with a 9-seater truck to Odessa. We will be spending the weekend in preparation to make sure the truck is fully loaded, as the guys will be leaving Sunday. 

If you’d like to donate money today or tomorrow, we will be using these funds to also fill up the 9-seater with food. We are praying we’re able to bring as much food and supplies as possible with this mission.  Once we receive the funds, we will go buy bulk canned foods, flower, pasta and baby food. 

Please give here:

The truck leaves Sunday so we have a few days to collect, shop and load up! 

Thank you so much for your generosity. It’s changing the lives of so many who desperately need it and are praying for provision. 

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