Changing Lives

We love sharing the gospel of Jesus to the lost. Especially those who clearly have no interest in God. Lea is one of those people. We first met her when we moved to Switzerland three and a half years ago. She made it clear she didn’t want anything to do with the Bible and didn’t want to hear about Jesus. However, every time I’ve seen her, I’ve told her Jesus loves her, died for her, and have invited her to our home to hear more about this Jesus. A few months ago, there was finally a breakthrough.

Me: Lea, come over for coffee. We want to tell you more about Jesus.
Lea: Shawn, you and Tanja have been inviting me to your home for years now. You know that I’m an
atheist, so why do you keep inviting me over to hear about Jesus?
Me: Lea, look at these beautiful Swiss Alps. There’s no way you can be an atheist. Maybe you are just
an agnostic.
Lea: Fine! I’m an agnostic. I believe that there is a God, I just don’t know who he is.
Me: Lea! I’ve got good news. I know who he is. Come over and let us tell you about him.

To our surprise, Lea finally came over, had coffee, and heard the good news of Jesus Christ. She’s been opening up more and more ever since. This is a snapshot of what ministry often looks like. We plow, we love, and we keep inviting until there’s a breakthrough. I’m highlighting her story because I’ve learned that it’s in the ordinary, day-to-day routines of loving people that conditions a heart to hear the gospel. I wish I could say every person we share the gospel with immediately turns to Jesus, but it’s not the case. Many times, we are one of the dozens of sowers preparing an individual for the right time to come.

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