Walk for Freedom | Zurich Switzerland

It was such an honor and privilege to have been asked to M.C. the 2nd annual Walk for Freedom here in Zurich this year, October 14, 2017. I’m deeply humbled to be part of a fantastic A-Team of awesome people that decided to take a stand against modern day slavery. We raise awareness about human trafficking and teach on how to abolish it in this nation through the A21 Walk for Freedom and other events.

Thank you Erika and Daniel Rosshuber for being great, godly, empowering leaders driven by eternity and love. And thank you for taking the initiative and starting the Walk for Freedom in the most populated city in Switzerland.

If you live in Switzerland and want to purchase fair trade shirts and bags you can do so at https://www.weitsichtbar.ch, an organization founded by Daniel & Erika Rosshuber to take a stand against human trafficking.