Update From Yan

It has been a whirlwind for Karen and me as we have jumped into our evangelism work here in Ukraine. 

We speak at conferences, do street evangelism, visit people at their homes, bring food to the poor and hungry, and visit hospitals. We get to pray for people, share the gospel with them, and even get the honor of leading them to Christ in some situations.

I’d like to share with you what an average few weeks can be like in our ministry and the kinds of encounters and divine appointments we run into as evangelists. It’s inspiring and humbling to be part of what God is doing in the hearts of Eastern Europeans.

Last week, one of our brothers in Christ offered to bless us with one ton of cabbage from his farm. We gladly received it, and used it as tool to visit several families. We shared the cabbage and the gospel with them. Anything can be used for the glory of our God and to reach souls for His kingdom! 

Then God gave us an idea to offer our local hospital 300 kg of that cabbage. This allowed us freely preach the gospel in the hospital, and six people committed their lives to Jesus. We were also able to pray for patients, and we’re believing God for some miracle testimonies! 

Every Saturday, we have an open-air ministry in one of the remote parts of Izmail, Ukraine where we now have about 15 elderly women attending. They are very excited about the weekly meeting because there is no church they can attend in that part of the town. This week, three new people from streets where we preached came to this group meeting and gave their lives to Jesus! 

In the last few weeks, Karen and I have also been in Reni, Ukraine preaching and evangelizing at a youth conference, preaching at bus stops, praying for individuals and seeing them healed of pain and depression, handing out copies of the New Testament, and preaching at a hospitals. And through all of these outreaches, we’re seeing many, many people giving their lives to the Lord. What a blessing!

Karen and I are now heading to the north of Ukraine for one week of schools of evangelism and street outreaches! 

This work is a blessing, and I can’t wait to share more with you about what God is doing here.


–Yan Hrosu